Hi, I am Angie! 

My Why

Thank you for looking me up!  I love helping people become whom they were meant to be!  My goal is to leave everyone in a better place than when I found them! Developing people and watching them grow from the American Dream into Legends.

Proven System

Getting people from average to legends is a big statement!  I agree! Without a proven system, it would be foolish... However, we have the system, and it's based on 5 Primary Principles. Which builds a solid Frame for success.  The greatest part of what we do is that we have so many success stories that prove it is absolutely attainable! We show you the path to go from where you are to where you want to be. It starts with Personal Development and then we teach you the Platform to build something to pass onto the generations to come.

We go beyond just finances... we tackle perspective, attitude, thoughts, and mindset.  We help you build something your great-grandchildren will talk about!

We teach you how to evaluate, to create & how to execute the plan according to your vision and dreams.

Are you currently working in a vehicle that can get you to where you want to go... WITH OUT limits?

SINCE the COVID-19 Pandemic demand in our industry has grown exponentially!! We have had to open up the expansion of our services Nationwide! Because of this, we are in need of people who not just want to benefit from our coaching but join our Firm!

  • PartTime & FullTime positions

  • No experience necessary

  • Integrity & Honesty is a MUST



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