The Life

My husband and I love working alongside each other!  We have owned and operated several businesses together.  When I met him in 2006 he was a Harley Mechanic with the craziest goatee I had seen since ZZTop!  But I saw something extremely unique in the man I call THE JAMES... He had heart! He could fix anything and that didn't stop at motors.  He loved to learn and improve and experience life.  He has a very curious mind.  He will make anyone laugh and defuse any situation just by being real and genuine. Our passions have always mirrored each other!

We have always been driving for something a little bit better than where we are. When we met I was a fireball (still am) and I knew what I wanted and he told me what he wanted. It matched up.  Fast forward a dozen years and improvement has always been our motto.  We can do better.  There has to be a better way...

We have had the guts to try things, evaluate, grow and scrap it and start all over.  Just because you spend a long time making a mistake doesn't make it a good reason to keep doing it! Sometimes the dreams you have are too big to fit in the vehicle you are trying to stuff them into!! Cut your losses and move forward.

With each decision and move, we have improved our situation and gained wisdom.  Life will be a roller coaster, but don't get distracted as to why you got on that roller coaster!  Life has lows and highs, but a lack of focus and vision will just keep you entertained. For some that is all they want out of life. To just survive and make it through.  Well for our family we want to do a little more.

Love People. Serve Always.

Always Improve.

Live in Positive Productivity.

Always Learn and Apply Wisdom.

Educate & Inform.

Create & BE the Positive Change in the World.

Leave People with more Peace.

"Sometimes the dreams you have are too big to fit in the vehicle you are trying to stuff them into!!"

Angie Faut


THUMOS Financial is our Primary business where we teach people how to Save Money, Make Money & GET OUT OF DEBT!!